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Dr. Carolyn McMakin

Dr. McMakin had become thoroughly acquainted with the world of medicine during her 16 years as a pharmaceutical representative. She then changed her path in life, studying to become a chiropractor and opening her own practice in due course. While setting up her practice, she bought a microcurrent therapy device dating from 1922, an era when non-pharmaceutical therapies were not yet as strictly regulated in the United States.

However, the real “treasure” of this almost 100-year-old acquisition lay in an enclosed comprehensive list of frequencies and their effects that came with the hardware. Based on this list, Dr. McMakin began spending a small part of her work schedule treating patients with dual-channel frequency therapy, quickly gaining valuable experience with this technique.

The success was overwhelming: through word of mouth from successfully treated patients, and because some surgeons started referring particularly difficult patients to her for post-operative treatment, Dr. McMakin had to devote more and more time to the treatment with frequency therapy. She started to perform comprehensive teaching and training activities for other therapists and founded her own pain clinic in Portland, Oregon.